Natural Weight Loss

Dr. Weinberg's natural weight loss programs have been helping patients lose weight and inches successfully and without using crazy fads or gimmicks. Dr. Weinberg teaches patients to makeover their eating habits as well as their lifestyle, thus avoiding chronic illness and inevitably improving the patients overall quality of life.The results are amazing, and no other program is approaching weight loss in such a healthy way. Our program is ideal for anyone who wants to lose serious weight and burn belly fat the right way.

Throughout years of treating weight loss patients, Dr. Weinberg uncovered one major issue -- people are starving themselves and they lack proper nutrition.You won’t lose weight when you starve yourself. You actually put yourself in fat retention mode.Your body needs nutrients to thrive, and Dr. Weinberg teaches you how to eat highly nutritious foods that are low in calories.

We offer a free one-on-one consultation for each of our Weight Loss patients. This is not a one-size-fits-all weight loss program. Each patient has different health and weight loss concerns, and Dr. Weinberg tailors each of our programs to the patient’s health and weight loss needs. Schedule an appointment to talk with the doctor about your weight loss goals. Losing weight is hard enough, but you don't have to do this alone. We invite you and a friend to join us at our free Weight Loss Seminar this week.

Dr. Weinberg also offers Private Weight Loss Seminars for groups of six or more people. Call our office to arrange a seminar for your office, family or group, or click on the Speaker Request tab for more information.

“Our goal is to obtain optimum health for our patients.”

Some of the Benefits of our Natural Weight Loss Program

  • Lose belly fat
  • Put your body into fat burning mode
  • Program is healthy & organic based
  • Decrease pains & strain on your joints
  • Increased energy
  • Look & feel younger
  • Heightened focus
  • Quality sleep
  • Healthier looking skin

An Interview with Dr. Marc Weinberg

Dr. Weinberg, this weight loss program is rather new and very different from programs on the market. Can you tell us a little more?

Our programs focus on getting the body healthy. A healthy body regulates its own weight. Other diets focus on the quantity of food while we focus on the quality of food. The basis of Club Reduce is to get your body healthy so we can regulate your fat burning hormones. We help you put your body into fat burning mode so you can lose stubborn belly fat. We don’t use any gimmicks, we do it the healthy way.

Why did you decide to start this program in Miami?

This is what I’ve practiced for more than 20 years. I personally want to show people how they can live a healthier life.

What type of results does this program offer men and women who need to lose weight?

You will see amazing results through our indivisualized programs! Your goals are attainable and your quality of life will improve. You will have greater energy and mental focus, and you will complete our program feeling and looking your best.

Are there ideal candidates for this program?

The ideal candidate is anyone who wants to be healthy and lose weight. Those who have been unsuccessful with other programs, have tried every fad diet or are working out and not losing weight will find results with us. We have helped teenagers, adults and seniors. Everyone is invited to learn how they can lose weight.

Why are you so passionate about helping people lose weight?

My background and knowledge of how the body can heal itself goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. I know that when the body is healthy, weight will not be an issue. I would like to see more people lead healthier lives, come off medications and avoid illness that are a result of poor lifestyle choices. Our program works, and it will give you life changing results.

Why should people choose to lose weight with you?

No other program is approaching weight loss in this healthy manner, with a doctor’s supervision and a large support team. Club Reduce is not a fad diet and it is not a one-size-fits-all program. We always start with a personal, one-on-one assessment. I target your specific needs and body type and work with you throughout your program so you never feel that you are doing this alone. I am there with you every step of the way. I will also educate you on how to eat well and take care of your body. This will benefit each person in the household. We are here to help. Call for a free consultation tody 305 949-5999